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The National Latino Children’s Institute’s (NLCI) mission for the last 20 years has been to focus the nation’s attention on young Latinos in our nation. This year we also celebrate 20 years of serving as the national steward organization for El Día de Los Niños in the United States.

In 1998, NLCI embarked on establishing April 30, El Día de Los Niños – Celebrating Young Americans, in the United States and to engage communities to draw attention to the importance of  the well-being of young Latinos and children in our nation.  We launched the first El Día de Los Niños _ Celebrating Young Americans in San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio will be the site of the NLCI national celebration this year on April 29, 2018. We welcome your children and your attendance.

The U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, governors, county executives and mayors across the nation have passed proclamations and resolutions recognizing April 30 as El Día de Los Niños _ Celebrating Young Americans as a part of the nation’s promise and commitment to the future of children.  Today, over 130 cities and local communities exponentially celebrate this day on behalf of children.

Over the last 20 years, the National Latino Children’s Institute has viewed the technological and medical advances, the changes in family norms, the challenges faced by parents in balancing the demands of work and child responsibilities, seeking quality education paths for their children, choosing safe and quality schools and sorting through the unique needs of each child as they grow.  There are troubling issues and concerns regarding the future of young Latinos and all children that require our nation’s attention.

El Día de Los Niños has brought forward a time to celebrate progress, address issues and raise awareness so young Latinos and children are not ignored or forgotten. . At the same time, public officials are working to formulate policies to meet these challenges, address safety of children, and promote better educational systems and policy alternatives.  This day helps frame the emerging needs and new risks that impact the future of children. The National Latino Children’s Institute and the many affiliated organizations offer El Día de Los Niños – April 30 as a time to focus on children and celebrate their future.

This year on April 6, 2018, the National Latino Children’s Institute, in partnership with the Intercultural Development Association and La Semana del Niño, transmitted a live-streaming of a one hour workshop to help communities begin or enhance their El Día de Los Niños commitment.  The workshop shows what has been done, offer models to follow and new ideas to begin your own state or city celebration. This is free and can be viewed seen online at You will also find NLCI’s El Día de Los Niños historical book, Young Leaders as Planners handout and Milagros workshop handouts (English and Spanish) that you can download and use as you plan for your celebration.

20 Year History of El Día de Los Niños

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