El Día de Los Niños Turns Twenty One

El Día de Los Niños turns 21 years old on April 30, 2019. This national commemorative holiday was first inaugurated in San Antonio, TX in 1998 and since then the U.S. Senate has passed an El Día Los Niños resolution establishing a commemorative holiday celebrated by hundreds of cities, schools, libraries, community organizations and states in our nation.

Every year in observance of this date, the National Latino Children's Institute encourages communities throughout the nation to hold special events such as children's festivals and parades, and more importantly, press events to share the status of young Latinos with the public. These press events include presenting experts on topics such as health care, education, work force development, safe schools or safe communities. All communities are asked to review the latest data on young Latino and children with the intent of asking community leaders, parents and public officials to make a renewed commitment to improve the well-being of children and our young adolescents.

Our nation is troubled by the treatment of young children in our nation and those seeking refuge. The American people elected representatives that give all children a sense of belonging so that each child feels safe, valued and protected. The actions of elected members of Congress are to ensure our young have opportunities and are prepared for their life transition to adulthood. The endangerment of children and their safety must have the highest priority.

The National Latino Children's Institute continues its commitment to serve as a voice for young Latinos and all children. We ask communities to come together to draw attention to the well-being of children in their communities and in our nation. We ask all individuals to review their elected representatives record on children and legislation and if not satisfied contact them and let them know. Your voice makes a difference. We also need you to contribute to our children's cause and make a contribution, however small, to let us know you are with us and with the children. Go to nlci.org and give what you can.

¡Por Los Niños!

Olga Aros, Board Chair
National Latinos Children's Institute

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