Arduous Task Ahead: Reconciling Executive and Congressional Branches to One Overhaul of No Child Left Behind

In mid July the Senate passed their version of the No Child Left Behind overhaul called Every Child Succeeds Act, S-1177. The measure provides greater decision power to state and local authorities and reauthorizes the  Elementary and Secondary Education Act which will enable federal funding for federal education programs and initiatives. This Act will still need to be reconciled with the […]

President Partners With 8 Internet Service Providers in Pilot Program to Reduce Digital Divide

The President, in partnership with eight nationwide Internet Service Providers, announced the selection of 28 communities that will participate in a pilot program to reduce the digital divide among impoverished Americans. The program, ConnectHome, seeks to use business and community partnerships to expand high speed Internet in poverty stricken communities. Despite the fact that the American digital divide between […]

Despite Fears Unauthorized Immigrant Population Numbers at a Standstill

Despite fears to the contrary unauthorized immigrant populations are at a standstill according to the Pew Research Center. From roughly the beginning of the Great recession to 2014 the unauthorized immigrant population fluctuated 11.3 to 11.5 then returning to 11.3 in 2014. The stability in numbers are due to a zero gain or loss between incoming and outgoing unauthorized […]

NLCI Applauds First Lady

NLCI has been a leader in the movement to develop healthy life styles for children and families.   After reviewing and assessing existing programs, NLCI leaders determined that there was a need for programs that incorporated Latino culture, traditions and history if they were to reach and modify the behavior of Latinos. With a grant […]

Solutions to Increase College Enrollment Depend on Congress

Early July, Democrats, Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) introduced, in their respected chambers, America’s College Promise Act of 2015, President Obama’s vision of two years free college for eligible students. The bill unfortunately lacks Republican supporters and as such many expect it to fail. Even Senate Republicans from Tennessee, who support […]

Positive Changes in AZ Triple Number of Foster Children Sleeping in Child Safety Offices Overnight

July 3, 2015 On February 10, 2015, Children’s Rights organization and Center for Law in the Public Interest filed a federal law suit on behalf of foster children against the state of Arizona highlighting neglect and lack of services and care for foster children. Though the suit is ongoing, the ramifications caused Arizona state leadership upheavals which have affected […]

Achievement Gaps Exist as Early as When Children Begin Kindergarten

June 17, 2015 As early as when children enter kindergarten, there are already significant achievement gaps as a result of socioeconomic status. In fact, socioeconomic status is the single largest factor influencing children’s school readiness, according to Inequalities at the Starting Gate: Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills Gaps between 2010–2011 Kindergarten Classmates. In the report, EPI economist Emma García […]

Minorities underrepresented in US special education classrooms

6/24/2015 PENN State Although minority children are frequently reported to be overrepresented in special education classrooms, a team of researchers suggests that minority children are less likely than otherwise similar white children to receive help for disabilities. The previously reported overrepresentation is most likely due to a greater exposure to environmental and economic risk factors, […]

Youth Disconnection in America’s Cities Reveals 1 in 7 Young Adults Neither Working nor in School

June 10, 2015 NEW YORK — Measure of America today released Zeroing In on Place and Race: Youth Disconnection in America’s Cities, revealing 1 in 7 young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 nationwide are neither working nor in school. The disconnected youth population has fallen since the Great Recession to 5,527,000, roughly […]

US Supreme Court saves 8 million from losing health care coverage

July 3, 2014 In the landmark decision on the King vs. Burwell case the of court ruled the tax credits, which are currently assisting 8 million Americans enrolled in the federal exchange, are lawful. The plaintiffs contention was in the wording of the law that by their interpretation, tax credits would be limited to only […]

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