Cancelling El Día de Los Niños – April 30 Festivities Nationwide

The safety of children and families during the coronavirus pandemic is high priority.  The National Latino Children’s Institute (NLCI), serving as the national steward organization for El Día de Los Niños – April 30 throughout the United States encourages all state and local coordinating committees to take all precautions necessary in keeping children safe in their communities.  This may necessitate canceling or postponing celebrations planned for April 30, 2020. Many cities, like Chicago, Phoenix and Los Angeles, have already canceled El Día de Los Niños celebrations and taken actions to inform their communities.

The decision comes as COVID-19 (coronavirus) has reached pandemic levels.  In an effort to protect the health, safety and well-being of our children, we are asking that the guidelines developed by the Centers for Disease Control to reduce the spread of the virus be followed.  While children are not impacted as much as adults, who will take care of them as adults become ill?  The CDC guides against large crowds and suggests putting distance between people, among other precautions.  NLCI therefore;

Encourage families to seek medical advice online, phone or by email for their ill children. Your personal doctor or Department of Health is a place to call.

Increase sanitizing efforts at home.  Teach children what to do to stay safe and sanitize. Encourage children to wash their hands often, many times per day.

Should family adults become ill, have a plan for taking care of the children in the family.

Help children maintain safe distances from groups of other children and one another.

NLCI will continue to work with Congress in passing the 2020 Congressional El Día de Los Niños – Celebrating Young Americans Resolution and let all Americans and visitors know our nation’s highest priority is the well-being of our children and their families.  The 22nd Congressional Resolution, once passed,  will be posted on the website and notices sent out.

Please be assured that the National Latino Children’s Institute will continue its commitment to serve as an advocate for all children in the United States. Visit for details and updates on the coronavirus symptoms; learn ways to protect your families and what to do if they are sick.

¡Por Los Niños!

Olga Aros - NLCI Board ChairOlga Aros, Board Chair
National Latinos Children’s Institute



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