Debate On The Fourteenth Amendment…Again

Subcommittee-Hearing-BirthrightOn the day before El Día de los Niños, House Republicans held a hearing in the “Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security tid “Birthright Citizenship: Is it the right policy for America?”

Three witnesses, Graglia of University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Eastman of The Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and Feere of Center for Immigration Studies brought forth arguments that the authors of the Fourteenth Amendment never intended children born of unauthorized immigrants should obtain automatic citizenship.

Mr. Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center supported the amendment stating that the legal status of the parents has no bearing based on the broad language used by the authors of the amendment and by decisions made by the Supreme Court. Furthermore he stated that though congress has the right to limit immigration, only the constitution can confer citizenship.

Many political analysts do not believe that the bills proposed to limit birthright citizenship will come to any votes; nevertheless continuous attacks against the amendment by even a small subsect of the Republican Party further sours relationships between them and pro immigrant citizens.

Some republicans have acknowledged embarrassment by the attitudes and expressions by those fighting against the amendment. “The 14th Amendment is a great legacy of the Republican party. It’s a shame and an embarrassment that the GOP now wants to amend it for starkly political reasons,” said Mark McKinnon in 2010 when it was last debated.

Senator Menendez of New Jersey expressed his outrage regarding the hearing, “The empty theatrics we are seeing today are simply out of place and out of step with everything this country stands for. We can do better.”


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