Despite Fears Unauthorized Immigrant Population Numbers at a Standstill

Pew-Research-Center-Unauthorized-Population-SteadyDespite fears to the contrary unauthorized immigrant populations are at a standstill according to the Pew Research Center. From roughly the beginning of the Great recession to 2014 the unauthorized immigrant population fluctuated 11.3 to 11.5 then returning to 11.3 in 2014.
The stability in numbers are due to a zero gain or loss between incoming and outgoing unauthorized immigrants under reasons of either forced or self deportations, conversion to legal status, or in small cases death according to the Pew. The Pew further believes the unauthorized population to be preceding versus recent arrivals, 38% of which are likely to parent U.S. born children.
For more information read the Pew’s latest article,

Unauthorized immigrant population stable for half a decade



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