El Día de Los Niños Senate Resolution introduced on April 30th, 2015

Today,  April 30th, the U.S. Senate took a vote on a El Día de Los Niños resolution celebrating children and their current and future contribution to society. The measure highlights the importance of investing in the nation’s children country’s future.

This year marks the 17th year of commemorating this day. It was established in 1998 for Americans to acknowledge the importance of children, their rights, well-being and significance to this country. The National Latino Children’s Institute (NLCI), is the national steward organization for this day and has led the effort to establish the day in the United States garnering support of leaders and organizations, state and local officials and corporations.

Since 1998 NLCI has worked closely with the U.S. Senate to introduce an annual bipartisan resolution recognizing the day. This year, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), who has introduced this resolution to Congress, will once again introduce this resolution on April 30.

“Our young Latinos are confronted with great challenges and our nation has always come together to forge new solutions” stated Rita Jaramillo. “In that tradition, El Día de Los Niños serves as a catalyst to formulate partnerships between the Latino communities and all Americans who seek to improve the well being of children in our nation”.

“Today we commemorate El Día de los Niños and honor our children as the center of our families and the future of this great nation.  I have made it a priority to ensure our children have the resources they need to be healthy and safe, so that they can grow up to become contributing members of our society. Nothing is as important as ensuring every opportunity is available for them to reach their highest potential. Their success is our nation’s success.” Stated Senator Bob Menendez (D) NJ.

From California to New York, special events are planned across the country to celebrate NLCI’s El Día de los Niños with hundreds of thousands of children and families participating. Each celebration is unique to its city, but all will acknowledge the future of the community─their children. For additional information on NLCI and other El Día de los Niños activities visit www.nlci.org.


About the National Latino Children’s Institute

NLCI is the only national Latino organization whose focus is young Latinos ages 0-18, and serves as the voice for young Latino’s. NLCI’s mission is to focus the nation’s attention on the contributions and challenges of young Latinos by advocating for their success and well-being through partnerships and programs. The organization carries out its mission by partnering with NLCI’s La Promesa Network, as well as local, regional and national organizations working to improve the lives of Latino children. NLCI creates and implements strategies that eliminate barriers to building healthy communities for young Latinos by incorporating the principles of the National Latino Children’s Agenda. For more information on NLCI go to www.nlci.org.

About El Día de Los Niños – Celebrating Young Americans

El Día de los Niños was modified from the Mexican holiday El Día del Niño, and celebrated on April 30, the day was first declared a commemorative day by a resolution of the United States Senate in 1998 and has been celebrated nationally since.



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