Impact of Hispanic Vote Rests on Youth


The impact of Latino voters now and in the future hinge on its youth. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2014, one third of Hispanic eligible voters are under 30, in comparisons to white at 18% and blacks at 25%.

Yearly, approximately 800,000 Hispanic youth turn 18 and become eligible voters. The trend increases to one million or more annually by 2024 to the extent that it would be reasonable to expect more than 40 million Hispanic eligible voters by 2030, according to the Pew. Nevertheless, trends indicate that these numbers can be muted by the fact that younger voters vote less often.

“Every indicator shows that Americans do not want to support the Democrats’ inaction nor reward the Republicans obstructionist tactics, and consequently we are expecting one of the lowest voter turn outs in history,” said Rita Jaramillio, Board Chair of the National Latino Children’s Institute. While this may be true for Latinos as well, our voter turn out has never been higher and in fact is the reason that we are being courted so intensely. We will be the swing vote in many elections,” she added, “and organizations like Mi Familia Vota, Voto Latino and NLCI are working hard everyday to continue to increase voter registration and get out the vote efforts.

Although statistics provided by the Pew indicate that the Hispanic vote will have a very small impact on close congressional and gubernatorial races this year that fact remains that whether the Hispanic votes make up 3% of the electorate or 99% their absence or presence has the potential to tip the scales now and in the future.

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