Hagalo por su familia, Abrochate el Cinturon!

The campaign’s tools were created for law enforcement, promotores and those working with the Latino community. It is meant as a way to impart information through visual imagery and minimal phrases to emphasize the importance of always wearing a seat belt.


A large 16 by 20 inch ready to print poster with large convincing images of the repercussions of not wearing a seat belt.

Rotofolio & PowerPoint

Use the PowerPoint or this flip book at health fairs, meetings and other places, created to help an instructor engage individuals or small groups through a conversation regarding passenger safety and the consequences of neglecting seat belt use. All the information is provided in Spanish and English and includes an instructor’s guide.

Palm card

Folded to the size of a business card, this palm card provides a quick and easy method of message delivery. It contains campaign’s messages and a space to include information regarding the seat belt laws in your state.


These eye catching stickers can be printed to distribute to participants to be placed in a vehicle as a reminder or on a refrigerator door. Each sticker provides a space where you can add a photograph of the family or can be used as is with the message, “Do it for your family” or “¡Hágalo por su familia!” printed on the sticker. Stickers available in English and Spanish.


A short 1.5 minute video conveys the consequences of neglecting seat belt use even when going short distances. The video is entirely in Spanish with English subtitles.

Radio PSAs

Two 30 second radio PSAs, one in English and one in Spanish, emphasize the notion that two seconds and a click of a seat belt is truly worthwhile compared to the consequences of not.

POSTER 16″x20″
English / Spanish Usted – TuThumbnail-Hagalo por su familia, Abrochate el Cinturon Poster
PALM CARD 5″x9″ folded to 3″x5″
English / Spanish UstedThumbnail - Hagalo por su familia, ¡abróchese el cinturón!
ROTOFOLIO 8.5″ x 11″
English-Spanish Usted / Tu
Thumbnail - Rotofolio Hagalo por su familia, ¡abróchese el cinturón!
POWERPOINT Spanish Usted / Tu
Presentation Notes Bilingual Usted / TuThumbnail - Rotofolio Hagalo por su familia, ¡abróchese el cinturón!
English / Spanish
Thumbnail - Sticker Hagalo por su familia, ¡abróchese el cinturón!
RADIO PSAs English / Spanish
Thumbnail - Radio PSA Hagalo por su familia, ¡abróchese el cinturón!
High Resolution 30MB / Low 10MBNHTSA-video-thumb

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