National Latino Children’s Summit

Since 1997, the National Latino Children’s Institute has brought together community organizations to initiate discussions on the issues important to Latino children. The NLCI Summits have resulted in new cultural understanding, public education initiatives for Latino children and families, addressed the well-being of children, disseminated information, addressed public policy issues and focused attention on the value, contribution and challenges of young Latinos.

The most recent Summits held in 2012 and 2014 identified the need to expand NLCI advocacy and information services and begin to create a media clearinghouse of information on Latino children. NLCI has long been recognized as a children’s advocacy organization and has disseminated information as part of their commitment to connecting and reaching out to the Latino community and policy makers on policies that impact their lives and the lives of their families.


Immediate outcomes came as a result of the 2012 National Latino Children’s Summit:

  1. Defeat of the legislative bill on Birthright Citizenship in March, 2013.
  2. Creation of the Department on Child Safety and Family Services to address child abuse and neglect issues
  3. Formation of a collaborative alliance among 13 child serving organizations to address the issues identified at the Summit.
  4. Recognized presence in Arizona of the National Latino Children’s Institute and the public policy priorities for Latino children.
  5. Establishment of eLatinaVoices as a child advocacy organization among legislators and the Latino community
  6. 50 Young Latino Leaders were identified and trained on advocacy, leadership and civic engagement.
  7. The Summit established scholarships for young aspiring Latinos interested in community service.

The 2014 National Latino Children’s Outcomes:

  1. 2014 NLCI Public Policy Brief (Updated)
  2. New National Latino Children’s Summit Website
  3. 75 Young Latino Leaders Trained on Advocacy, Leadership and Civic Engagement
  4. National and local network alliances expanded
  5. Legislative Town Hall resulted in strengthening relationships with policy makers
  6. National campaign launched focused on child safety in partnership with the National Transportation Services Administration.  Campaign theme  “Abrochate- El Cinturon”.
  7. National speakers, legislators, subject matter experts and young Latino leaders spoke at Summit

For more information on previous summits:

Download the NLCI Summit Program 2014

Download NLCI Summit Program 2012

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