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NLCI is focused on bringing together a diverse group of experts, Latino leaders, policy makers and children’s advocates to discuss issues important to the future of Latino children.  In 1994, a group of children’s advocates gathered in Washington D.C. to discuss the issues most important for the success of young Latinos. Through this historic body of work, the National Latino Children’s Agenda, a statement of principles essential for the health and complete development of young Latinos, was endorsed by 150 organizations and created  guiding principles for the work with young Latinos.  The National Latino Children’s Institute was founded in 1996 and incorporated in 1997, with the core mission of advocating for and advancing the well-being of young Latinos.    The following is the NLCI National Latino Children’s Agenda.  We hope all who visit the website will share in promoting these principles.

Therefore, we promote the following principles for the complete and healthy development of all children.

  • Children will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Children will live in loving and healthy homes.
  • Children will live in a secure, safe, and healthy community.
  • Children will have the opportunity and the right to achieve their highest potential.
  • Children will see themselves positively and accurately reflected in literature, music, film, media, and other forms of artistic expression.
  • Children will have a voice and a role in the development of their programs and services.
  • Children will receive comprehensive services that are affordable and fully accessible regardless of their parent’s citizenship, language, work hours, migrant or economic status.
  • Children who speak languages other than English will have access to bilingual education programs.
  • Children will have educational equity from early childhood to higher education.
  • The language, culture and spirituality of Latino children and families will be respected as an integral and necessary part of their identity and development.
  • The integrity of the extended family relationship will be respected in programs and policies.
  • Families will be included in the creation and implementation of their children’s programs.
  • Families will receive culturally and linguistically appropriate services from competent agencies and organizations.
  • Families will participate in developing new economic and self-sufficiency opportunities for their communities.
  • Latinos will participate in public and private policy and funding decisions.
  • The workforce and community leaders will have access to professional preparation programs that develop culturally and linguistically appropriate skills and competencies.
  • Funders will provide equitable funding opportunities commensurate with population size and need.
  • The community will reflect and support the values and ideals of healthy Latino families.


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