Investing in Immigrant Families Advances Future Economic Growth

Investing in Immigrant Families to Advance Future EconomyAccording to the Congressional Budget Office increasing the U.S. labor force by reforming immigration and accepting undocumented immigrants already abiding in the U.S. would spur the economy significantly. Therefore, investing in a reduction of barriers, namely language, for the five million undocumented immigrants who could remain as a result of either the expansion of DACA and DAPA could quicken the projected economic growth.

According to population projections immigrants and their decedents will be a significant group in future labor force. The White House Task Force on New Americans was created to develop strategies to help immigrants and their communities reach their full potential. One strategy suggested by the task force to help immigrants was to increase access to English language instruction. Due to the familial strength of Hispanic families engaging both parents and students simultaneously has greater impact and success than individual instruction.

In adopting the two generational approach, as suggested by the Task Force, communities would increase the quality of their labor force as well as their economy. Suggestions for implementing the two generation approach includes prioritizing family engagement at school to help parents become better advocates for their children, creating workforce-development programs centered on ESL and providing wraparound services within schools.

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