Child Safety

Federal and state laws have a significant impact on child protection. In Arizona, the largest city and county reported over 3,200 cases regarding child sex crimes had not been investigated. Arizona Child Protective Services also acknowledged that 6,500 child abuse and neglect cases had not been documented or investigated. At the Federal level there are more children killed in auto accidents due to no safety belts that any other cause. Laws are created to protect children but are not often followed or enforced at the national or state levels.

NLCI believes that lives are saved when communities take action and seek change in protecting children under the law. NLCI, through itsChild Safety Initiatives  is an advocate for child safety to include poverty, hunger, use of seat belts, fire safety, missing and exploited children, child trafficking and internet crimes against children. Through a partnership with the National Transportation Services Administration (NTSA) NLCI initiated a 2015 campaign to address the issues of safety belt use in the nation. The campaign is focused on the newly arrived immigrant community and provides resources to help communities ensure children’s lives by promoting safety through the use of seat belts.

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