Civic Participation

Even though the Fifteenth Amendment and the Voting Rights Act made historic assurances regarding voting rights of Americans, election laws and policies that unfairly deny or impair the voting rights of Latino citizens, many not proficient in English, continues.

Latinos challenge is to register to vote and vote on Election Day in record numbers or risk not being taken seriously when it concerns public policies, legislation, or running for public office. Young Latinos will become the future leaders of tomorrow and their place in the political process of our nation is critical. For 16 years, NLCI has worked with Congress and state governments to pass a Senate Resolution declaring April 30 as El Día de Los Niños – Celebrating Young Americans. This effort highlights Latino children and brings awareness to policy makers of the future influence young Latinos voters will have on elections.

Through the National Latino Children’s Summit and legislative town halls, NLCI brings legislators and young Latinos together to discuss issues important to them and use the gatherings to distribute NLCI Public Policy Briefs and train youth on leadership, civic engagement and advocacy.

NLCI Initiatives

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