Today, Latino children, the fastest growing population group, struggle against barriers to education achievement and attaining academic success. This is a great threat to the economy of our nation since Latinos will comprise a larger share of our nation’s population and workforce in the near future. Without a quality education, Latinos will not be prepared to become a driver of workforce quality, earning potential or able to contribute to the economic growth of our nation. NLCI recognizes the importance of building an equal and accessible educational system. Policymakers must place education at the top of their priorities.

The Latino community must also place this as a priority for their families. To assure that policymakers place educational interests of young Latinos on their agendas, NLCI focuses the nation’s attention to the educational achievements and challenges facing Latino youth by utilizing forums, summits and social media directed to reach young Latinos, policymakers, legislatures, community and educational institutions. NLCI will continue to work with the NLCI Promesa Network to build a Young Latino Leaders Network and align and support national organizations whose interests are the education of Latinos.

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