Latino Family and Culture

Culture is a way of life that includes language, religion, music, food, traditions, history and values. Culture encompasses how Latinos interact and connect to people, how Latinos think, behave, socialize and view the world. Adding to culture is Latino extended families, homes, learning institutions and the environments where children live, work and play.

The Latino culture is full of traditions passed down from past generations and unique celebrations that are distinct, colorful and vibrant. Children are the center of family and when family gathers children are important for they energize and restore the human spirit and soul of keeping families together. Most recently, books on history, written by Latino authors were banned by the Tucson Unified District in Arizona and state laws were passed to remove ethnic studies from classrooms.

These laws and attitudes have a history in America and have caused divisions and negative stereotypes that have hindered our children from learning their own history in our nation. NLCI promotes culture as an integral part of the National Latino Children’s Agenda and works to identify and expose the next generation of young Latino leaders to their culture, history and contributions through Latino role models that open doors and leave paths for young Latinos to follow.

NLCI Initiatives

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