Milagros; Children Advocating for Children

Children and youth in cities around the country will be participating in “Milagros: Children Advocating for Children” and voice their wishes, hopes and dreams for the future by making and exhibiting handmade milagros. This year Latino children are being encouraged to communicate to President Obama their hopes and dreams for their families and communities through their “milagro.” And, on April 30th, NLCI will present the children’s milagros to the President in recognition of the 15th annual celebration of El Día de los NiñosCelebrating Young Americans.

Milagros have been used for centuries as offerings to ask for wishes, special interventions and good fortune. They were made from bone, tin, wood, silver, gold and other materials and pinned to the walls of churches. Today, milagros can be found throughout Latin America in abundance.
Some children may write about a wish to go to college or to be a teacher, doctor or police officer; others will wish for a home of their own; still others will ask for an end to gangs, drugs or violence in their community; and more recently to fix immigration.

Milagros provide even very young children a voice and an opportunity to help shape their community. Adults who take the time to read the milagros will not only be moved to laughter and tears, but to action. What a gift to the children of the community,” said Josephine Garza, Executive Director of the National Latino Children’s Institute.

For more information on how you can participate in “Milagros: Children advocating for Children” click here.

For more information on El Día de los NiñosCelebrating Young Americans click here.




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