President Partners With 8 Internet Service Providers in Pilot Program to Reduce Digital Divide

Digital-DivideThe President, in partnership with eight nationwide Internet Service Providers, announced the selection of 28 communities that will participate in a pilot program to reduce the digital divide among impoverished Americans. The program, ConnectHome, seeks to use business and community partnerships to expand high speed Internet in poverty stricken communities.
Despite the fact that the American digital divide between those with access to the Internet and those without has narrowed the divide between those who have access within their own homes is still vast. Nationwide, one in four do not have internet access in their homes and among low-income Americans only half have access. According to the Census Bureau twenty percent of America’s children were in poverty. Among Hispanic American children 42.5 percent were in poverty.
As the very resources used to help people out of poverty – jobs, social and educational resources, and communications – are more and more digitized, those with limited access will likely suffer as a result. It is hoped the ConnectHome pilot program will provide great insight and solutions that can be replicated nationally.
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FACT SHEET: ConnectHome: Coming Together to Ensure Digital Opportunity for All Americans




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