Statistics, Barriers & Benefits to After School Programs for Hispanic Children


According to a recent survey by After School Alliance, more Hispanic youth than ever before are enrolled in after school programs with 3.8 million currently signed up and 5.5 million Hispanic children waiting to get in.

Parents cited uphill challenges and their inability to enroll their children in after school programs due to; cost 54%, availability of programs in their area (48%) and unsafe passage to get to and from after school programs (53) as the major barriers to enrollment.

A vast majority of Hispanic parents believe the benefits of afterschool programs extend from allowing them to keep their jobs (87%) to keeping their kids safe and out of trouble (74%), increasing learning opportunities (73%), and increasing their physically activities (78%) among other benefits.

To read more about Hispanic children and afterschool programs visit America After 3PM and the Hispanic Community or read the full report, America After 3PM.



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