Today is El Día de Los Niños – April 30!

Let all young Latinos and all children know that they have a place in America! April 30 is a day to reflect on the future of young children in our nation! The US has approximately 74million children under the age of 18.

Latinos are the largest minority in the United States and all economic, political and social issues impact their lives! There are 59.8 million Hispanic/Latino people in the United States, comprising 18.3% of the U.S. population. In 2018, more than one-in-four of the nation’s newborns were Hispanic/Latino.
These figures will become clearer in the YS 2020 Census.

We are confronted with having to assure that all children in our nation be afforded equal rights and equal opportunities in the land of the free! We are American and are intent on sending our children to the best public schools available. teaching each one to stay healthy, become voting Americans, vote for public officials who will represent them, make sure they have an equal chance to work, become surgeons, lawyers and respected professionals, cure diseases and become moral Americans.

We cannot do this without acknowledging the importance of the children in our nation. Regardless of their roots, the color of their skin or where they live. We must work to free our children from the injustices of the past and assure they are free from social and economic oppression.

We cherish our children as much as we do our freedom. There are no exceptions.

The world pandemic has taught us that our nation must work to understand we are dependent on one another and that equality is meant for everyone. The frustrations felt by everyone over this dangerous virus are felt by all, even our children. The threat to human lives, with no exceptions, is real.

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise. All levels in our society are feeling the oppression of a virus that can take our lives. On this day, April 30, our children are in danger and “talk” or “politics” cannot quiet our concerns. The future of this nation and our children are at stake and we have an obligation to help change this nation for their sake.

For over 20 years the National Latino Children’s Institute has worked with Congress to acknowledge the importance of all children in our nation by passing an annual resolution acknowledging El Día de Los Niños- April 30 in the United States. We ask Congress annually to commit to the future and health of children in our nation. Many states, cities and counties pass their own resolution of commitment.

We must move away from divisiveness in our country and focus on what is good for the future. Our children need us! Let us celebrate El Día de Los Niños – April 30, knowing that we are working to make our nation a better place for all children. A special thanks to all those who are celebrating “El Día de Los Niños today!



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