U.S. Congress Passes the 20th Resolution Designating April 30th as El Día de los Niños (Children’s Day), Celebrating Young Americans

Washington, DC—The National Latino Children’s Institute (NLCI), an organization whose mission is to advocate for the well-being of Latino children, is pleased to announce the US Senate and US House of Representatives passed unanimously the 20th resolution to recognize April 30th as El Día de los Niños, Celebrating Young Americans in the United States.

In 1998, NLCI launched a national campaign to establish El Día de los Niños in the U.S., to draw attention to the importance of children in our nation and their role in society. Today, NLCI serves as the national steward organization for El Día de los Niños and works with Congress and state governments to pass annual resolutions to assure children are not forgotten.

In addition to Congressional support, several state governors and many mayors have passed similar resolutions and proclamations. Today in more than 130 cities across America, schools, churches, libraries, non-profit organizations, local government agencies and other entities celebrate this day. Some of the larger cities include Chicago, El Paso, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio and many more.

“NLCI’s constancy of purpose in celebrating El Día de los Niños is to draw attention to Latino children’s unique issues with a focus on all children,” said NLCI Board Chair Olga Aros. “Young Latinos will become the workers, voters, taxpayers, and consumers that will strengthen and shape our nation. How public policy impacts their economic, social and political future requires our attention.” said Aros.

NLCI will hold the 20th national celebration in San Antonio, Texas, on April 29, 2018. San Antonio was the first city to sign a resolution and helped launch the NLCI national campaign by being the first city to sign an El Día de Los Niños Celebrating Young Americans Resolution in the United States. The city is also the founding city of the National Latino Children’s Institute. Mayor Ronald Nirenberg will deliver remarks and a panel of issue experts will provide current data and trends on the well-being of Latino children and engage Latino leaders and children’s advocates on the importance of investing in this rapidly growing population. Children will hold a parade and festivities will follow a church Blessing. Other cities will hold similar events throughout the nation.

For additional information about the 20th anniversary of NLCI and El Día de Los Niños, you may contact Olga Aros NLCI Board Chair at Olga.Aros@nlci.org. For information on the national celebration in San Antonio, Texas contact Becky Barrera, NLCI Founder, at Becky@tresrebecas.com. For more information about the NLCI, visit the website at https://nlci.org/



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