US Supreme Court saves 8 million from losing health care coverage

July 3, 2014

US_Supreme_CourtIn the landmark decision on the King vs. Burwell case the of court ruled the tax credits, which are currently assisting 8 million Americans enrolled in the federal exchange, are lawful.

The plaintiffs contention was in the wording of the law that by their interpretation, tax credits would be limited to only enrollees living in states with state operated exchanges. This would mean that citizens within 34 states who rely on Federal Exchanges would lose the tax credit safety net currently servicing 8 million Americans, according to the Urban Institute. Furthermore, the institute believes 8.2 would become uninsured in 2016 due to the rising cost of insurance caused by the severe fluctuation in the population between the healthy and unhealthy.

Fortunately, the majority decision held that though the language was ambiguous they would side with the spirit of the law. Because Congress intended for all to have access to affordable health care and made  states abide by certain requirements which could only be accomplished with the help of government provisions, the Court surmised, then, the tax credits would be applicable for every state. In fact according to the majority decision to deny intent of congress would exasperate very condition Congress meant to remedy by causing an economic “death spiral” through even greater increase in premiums and uninsured.

..this is not an abstract thing anymore.  This is not a set of political talking points.  This is reality.  We can see how it is working.  This law is working exactly as it’s supposed to.  In many ways, this law is working better than we expected it to.  For all the misinformation campaigns, all the doomsday predictions, all the talk of death panels and job destruction, for all the repeal attempts — this law is now helping tens of millions of Americans. – President Obama, June 25, 2015


Read the Supreme Court Decision King et al. V. Burwell 

Read President’s Entire Remarks



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