VP Biden’s Weekly Address: Tuition-Free Community College

Collage-gradVice President Biden discussed America’s College Promise, a proposal to provide two year free tuition to eligible students attending community colleges in his weekly address to the nation.

According to the Vice President, by 2020 two out of three jobs will require an education beyond high school. According to the administration without a generous push to create a greater educated populace America will be unable to remain competitive in the global market. In addition, Biden stresses, this proposal will provide all Americans a fair chance into the middle class and beyond.

Although more Hispanic students are attending college they remain underrepresented among young bachelor’s degree holders, only 9 percent of the young adult population, according to the Pew. Reducing financial barriers to attain higher education may further increase the Hispanic college population as well as increase bachelor degree attainment.

Last year in April, the Pew estimated that 800,000 young Hispanic American’s entered adulthood each year and expects the number to rise to more than a million in coming decades. Considering the estimated rise in Hispanic population, identifying and addressing barriers to access higher education will be key to America’s future.

The National Latino Children’s Institute supports programs such as this which help marginalized communities and their children rise as an educated workforce capable to take on the challenges of the future.

Take our Poll: Should Congress and states pass laws regarding free community college for all students meeting requirements?

Watch the Vice President’s Weekly Address here.



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